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Dinamare Montenegro is a consultancy company providing services with its Montenegrin partners and competent staff specialised in property sales, residence permit procedures and yacht renting in Montenegro, the secret garden of Europe counting days to become a full member to the EU.

The group was founded by Turkish and Montenegrin entrepreneurs. Our aim is to deliver services with our rich property and investment portfolio and to provide after sales, renting and operational consultancy to our customers who wish to invest in or to get a residence permit from Montenegro, the secret garden of Europe soon to become a full member to the EU.

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Montenegrin Riviera

Budva, a small city of Montenegro, is known as the pearl of the Adriatic. The town has a population of approximately 20 thousand people, which increases significantly with visitors coming in summer. This makes Budva Montenegro’s apple of the eye when it comes to tourism. Marina is another important source of income for the town lying along the Adriatic coast. Budva, with its unique architecture, bears the traces of two thousand and five hundred years of history. Having remained under the influence of the Romans for many years, the town will make you feel that you’re wandering the streets of Venice. It is easy to capture the Venetian style in the structures of the town, where Ottoman sovereignty prevailed for a short period.

The Road to the Gods…

The geographical location, natural beauties and climate make Tivat an attractive tourism center. Tivat, which is Theiohos’ in Greek and means ‘Road to the Gods‘, is at the center of Gulf of Kotor (Boka)

Tivat, known as the Teodo in the Venetians, was dependent on the Venetian Republic as part of Albania from 1420 to 1797. The economic developments of that period had been a reason to take refuge in Tivat for the Serb refugees who fell under the hegemony of the Ottoman Empire. Today, it is possible to come across Venetian-style buildings from the Venetian period.

Tivat has many interesting features despite being the youngest city in the Boka region. Porto Montenegro, built by a Canadian billionaire Peter Munk in Tivat, is a luxury mega-yacht marina which is popular in Montenegro and around the world. Bocce Olympics and Summer Festivals are also the main cultural events of Tivat. In the Tivat Botanical Garden, various authentic trees, flowers and ornamental plants were planted by the sailors of Boka.

Charming City of the Adriatic Sea

Kotor has always been one of the most famous shores of the Adriatic Sea throughout history, also  one of the favorite ports of sailors with its secret and sheltered characteristic. Montenegro’s small but historic city is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The city is one of the important Mediterranean cities with its Venetian Wall and Castle, medieval monuments, rugged, fjord-like structure and Kotor Bay

The city founded in the 5th century BC and began to be significant with the Roman period. The castle was built, in the Middle Ages, in 535, and Kotor survived the Ostrogoths. After the Roman Empire, it was owned by Muslims, Bulgarians and Serbs as a Dalmatian City. At that time, the city was adopted by Venetian architecture and indirectly under Ottoman rule. With the breakup of Yugoslavia, the region became part of the territory of Serbia-Montenegro and then Montenegro. The country declared its independence in 2006, is a candidate country for the European Union. Kotor carries the religious and ethnic turmoil of the Yugoslav region of Montenegro. The Orthodox and Catholic population is the majority of the city. Croatian, Serbian, the Bosnian and the Albanian minorities are sheltered in abundance. The city reveals that it is in Balkan geography with its diversity of religion as well as its linguistic diversity.

The City Smelling History

Herceg Novi is a coastal city in the Gulf of Kotor in southwestern Montenegro. Located on an area of ​​235 square kilometers in the foothills of the Orjen Mountain, this beautiful and small city still carries traces of its history dating back to the 1300s.

The Old Town attracts thousands of tourists every year. The clean and beautiful beaches are overflowed during the summer, while in the spring, there is a huge interest in the spa and health centers, which is an outstanding feature of the city.

The climate is subtropical in Herceg Novi. Winter months are rainy. Annual average air temperature is 16.2 degrees. In the summer period between May and September, temperatures are around 25 degrees. Since there is no rainfall in summer, it is the best time to go to the city.

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